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40214RE: Re: [BS game] Day 15 - makushita results

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  • eswayne2009
    Nov 25, 2013



      Thank you for the tempting offer to stick around, but it is time.  Thank you for your friendship, and best wishes on your upcoming wedding.



      ---In bench_sumo@yahoogroups.com, <jejima@...> wrote:

      Bout 5 - Yoohoo (ms12E) 10 [9-6] Uwatedashinage kamogawa (ms18E) 7 [8-7]
      Yoohoo (ms12E) 10 (Submitted by Yoohoo at 23 Nov, 2013 09:16 PM JST)
      4 Hakuho [-]  3 Kisenosato [+]  3 Ikioi [+]  2 Myogiryu [+]  2 Takarafuji [+]
      Bench:  Kyokushuho [-] Homasho [-] Tochiozan [+] Shohozan [-] Gagamaru [-] 
      I will provide the official announcement after day 15, but I can
      safely say now that I will intai after this bout.  At least I
      can go out with a KK.  Thanks to everyone that has made this
      thing we call Bench Sumo happen over the years.  Yoohoo!!
      - vs -
      kamogawa (ms18E) 7 (Submitted by kamogawa at 24 Nov, 2013 02:01 AM JST)
      4 Kisenosato [+]  3 Chiyotairyu [+]  3 Hakuho [-]  2 Takayasu [-]  2 Osunaarashi [-]
      Bench:  Kaisei [+] Yoshikaze [+] Okinoumi [-] Tochiozan [+] Kotoyuki [-] 
      Game OVER!!!
      GG comment: That's nothing to "yoohoo" about, to lose another rikishi. Deeply sad I proclaim the last win for Yoohoo and hope that kamogawa's "game over" only refers to this year. And now: Good bye, Yoohoo!

      I am hoping that Yoohoo  reconsiders - not just because he is one of the characters of Bench Sumo (and they all make the game better), but because I think he has decent chance (better than 50%) of being placed in Juryo for January 2014, due to some banzuke luck (I am making my draft banzuke now (there are three of us who make the final version), and he is at J14W on my draft... ;-)

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