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40213RE: Re: [BS game] Day 15 - makushita results

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  • eswayne2009
    Nov 25, 2013



      Thank you for your friendship.



      ---In bench_sumo@yahoogroups.com, <marushiki2000@...> wrote:

      <Bout 5 - Yoohoo (ms12E) 10 [9-6] Uwatedashinage kamogawa (ms18E) 7 [8-7] Yoohoo
      <I will provide the official announcement after day 15, but I can
      <safely say now that I will intai after this bout.  At least I
      <can go out with a KK.  Thanks to everyone that has made this
      <thing we call Bench Sumo happen over the years.  Yoohoo!! 

      Frost Brother the basho will not be the same without you.  

      I hope after a small break you will return to us,

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