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39957RE: Oshirokita Intai from Bench Sumo

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  • sakana2k4
    Sep 30, 2013

      This is a sad announcement, but we're already waiting for the future makushita who will bear your shikona.

      Are you opening a chanko-nabe restaurant on the sumogames server ? :))

      Best wishes !

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      OH NO!!!! 

      You will be greatly missed.  !!!!  Its been a pleasure having you around the Dohyo.

      Colleen (AKA Marushiki)

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      Subject: [BS game] Oshirokita Intai from Bench Sumo

      > Bout 27 - Oshirokita (J1W) 10 [7-8] Uwatenage tokugawa (M15W) 12 [8-7]

      Well, after being active for 80 consecutive "official" basho, it is time to declare my intai from Bench Sumo. I have had enormous fun with this game over the last nearly 14 years. Wow, has it been that long? After a seemingly very long time in Juryo, I was able to spend 8 years in Makuuchi before falling back to the second division. In Nagoya 2013, I scooped up a few more prizes, but in Aki I could not find my 8th win and I choose now to free up my spot on the banzuke to give room for another Makushita promotee -- banzuke makers please take note.

      My two unfulfilled goals of winning a yusho and of making it to ozeki remain ever elusive. But, take heart, a younger, stronger, hungrier rikishi shall be given my modest shikona and enter next basho at the bottom of Makushita!

      Hope to see you all again next basho,
      - Oshirokita, from the Great White North


      SUMO:  Honour, Strength, Skill, Training, Tradition, Respect, Humility, (and when all else fails, Yaocho and Henka)
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