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Re: Mukushita yusho acceptance speach

Congratulations, Fur' ! Terarno To: bench_sumo@yahoogroups.com From: bench_sumo@yahoogroups.com Date: Tue, 28 Jul 2015 09:21:59 +0200 Subject: [BS game]
''' A
5:57 AM

Re: Best team and other statistics

The 'best line-up' award goes to the player with the least points left unclaimed. Read as #points_made - #points_wasted. Best line-up 2015 Nagoya (135th best
Jeffrey Anderson
Jul 28

Best team and other statistics

Jakusotsu presents the rather quick statistics for the BS Nagoya Basho. The 'best team' award goes to the player whose 10 rikishi have scored the most wins in
Jul 28

Mukushita yusho acceptance speach

I'm honored of winning the Nagoya basho in makushita. It's been so long since I won a basho in Bench Sumo that I don't even remember when it was... I'll try to
Jul 28

Bench Shin-Ozeki

Hi everyone, It is with great pleasure that I am able to announce that the Bench Banzuke making committee has decided to promote Yusho winner Kitakachiyama to
Jul 27

Kintamayama Challenge Cup (KCC) Final Results / KCC Champion (Nagoya

Well, despite having a good record coming in, Ruzikao scored just half a perfect score on day 1 and had no chance to recover on day 2. 1 M16w Ruziklao
Robert Roth
Jul 26

Re: Kintamayama Challenge Cup (KCC) 6th Round Results & 7th Round (F

Not quite sure why I didn't put out the final bout listing on Friday, so here's the results of the Semifinals: Fujisan really misstepped on the 1st day, and
Robert Roth
Jul 26

Day 15 - makushita results

Hello makushitans, is it really already day 15 of Nagoya basho 2015? Is the basho really over? Too bad, I was just so enjoying it. And do you have anything to
Anke Stehr
Jul 26

Juryo Senshuraku Wrap Up

Yourdaily gyoji, ScreechingOwl, gets to examine and comment on the senshurakuresults for Juryo. I apologize for the lateness of the report, but Benchresults
T. Rex
Jul 26

2015 Nagoya Day 15 Yusho Arasoi

Yusho Arasoi Here are your yusho winners! Furanohana takes the Makushita yusho with 11 wins! The jun-yusho at 10 wins is shared by Sherlockiama, Kyodaitimu,
Jul 26

Final MCP Standings Nagoya 2015

Hi there, here are the Final MCP Standings of Nagoya 2015. On senshuraku, 13 perfect scores were composed. Bill topped the list with a 9-winner GBL. pandaazuma
"J├╝rgen Buder"
Jul 26

Day 15 - Oyakata Prize - final results

Jakusotsu presents the final Gochisozan Oyakata Prize results. Three players ganbarized on Senshuraku, but they only moved up into the chase group, leaving The
Jul 26

Day 15 - Makuuchi results

Daily gyoji Jakusotsu presents the Makuuchi results on Senshuraku (and is sorry for being late, but he found six good excuses in three grand steins of beer -
Jul 26

ZQoSA final standings

Hi everyone, After the dust has settled on the final day, I can announce that Metzinowaka gained the most ZQoSA points this basho with 108. he was closely
Jul 26

Day 15 Fighting Spirit Prizes

Riyo: Gaijingai, you're a rugby referee, right? Gaijingai: Hai. Riyo: I don't like referees. Gaijingai: Why is that? Riyo: The trouble with referees is they
Jeffrey Anderson
Jul 26
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