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CfP & ToC: Venets, Volume 2, Number 2, November 2011

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  • Prof. B.V. Toshev
    [logo] http://www.venets.org Venets: The Belogradchik Journal for Local History, Cultural History and Folk Studies ISSN 1314-0426
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      Venets: The Belogradchik Journal for Local History, Cultural History and Folk Studies
      ISSN 1314-0426 (print) ISSN 1314-0256 (online) is a periodical consisting of three main sections: Literary Section, Archives Section and Research Section. The profile of the journal (peer-reviewed in its research part) embraces the following topics: Local/Family History, Oral History, Heritage Studies, Rural Studies, Memory Studies, Folk Studies.

      Abstracting/Indexing: NewJour Databases; DOAJ; Google Scholar; Harzing's Publish or Perish; Index Copernicus; Scientific Commons; Socolar Databases; Ulrich's (Global Serials Directory); BASE, PRORCH

      Contributors from all over the world are encouraged to send manuscripts in the above mentioned areas that should be written in a readable and scholarly manner. Manuscripts (in English or in Bulgarian) should not exceed 20 standard pages in length including illustrations, tables, figures and references. Articles must be accompanied by a summary of size notexceeding 20 lines.

      Style should conform to that of the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (APA).

      The electronic submission of the manuscript (in word format) is preferable.

      ToC: Venets, Volume 2, Number 2, November 2011


      Literary Section (1)

      A. Kaltchev. Belogradchik Mysteries: A Poetry [In Bulgarian] (p. 133)

      Notes: 2

      "Belogradchik mysteries" is a cycle of poems dedicated to Belogradchik and the Belogradchik Rocks. This cycle has been published in poetry "And Still Come Back" (2010). The author, a geologist by profession, during his expeditions was fascinated by the beauty of Belogradchik region. "Schoolgirl," "The Bear", "Dervish", "Madonna," "Rider", "Cuckoo" are rocks, which are presented here in poetic imagery.



      V. Kachev. Bashovitsa - The Past Through My Eyes: Recollections and Reflections [In Bulgarian] (p. 170)

      References: 1

      The present text is an excerpt from a new, still unpublished book by Valentin Kachev, entitled "The Spirit of the Old House", written by him in the summer of 2011. The passage contains author's recollections and reflections about events occurred with close to him people over the years in Belogradchik. 



      Archives Section

      N. Savchev. Guide-book of the Town of Belogradchik (1928) [In Bulgarian] (p. 198)

      Notes: 15

      Here is the first guide-book of the town of Belogradchik (1928). Its author is Nikola Savchev, a respected public figure in Belogradchik in the first half of twentieth century – bookseller, community activist, school trustee, MP from the Radical Party. The book contains actual for that time information about the town and its vicinity. This slim book is richly illustrated. Most of the pictures were produced as postcards and sold in Savchev's bookstore. The book also presents panoramas which are expectedly to be among the first panoramas printed in Bulgaria. 



      Research Section

      C.B. Ogunyemi. Salient Themes as Voices in African Poetry (p. 227)

      Notes: 3; References: 4

      The paper examines the various voices in African poetry. African poets use their themes as echoes to salvage various inherences found in the decaying political, economic and social landscape. The paper argues textually the cultural ethos and the contemporary post-independence disillusionment on the African psyche as a result of colonilization. Using the meta-critical approach combined with realism, within sociological approach, the research calls for a concerted effort to stimulate originality and harness the benefits of globalization for the development of humanity in Africa. 



      Literary Section (2)

      V. Kachev. To the Centenary of the Union of Bulgarian Reading Clubs (Chitalishte) [In Bulgarian] (p. 252)

      Notes: 1; References: 1

      The Union of the Community Centers (chitalishte) in Bulgaria was established in April 1911. In May 2011 the 32nd Congress of the Union was held. This poem was written by Valentin Kachev in celebration of the centenary of the Union. 




      Belogradchik in Art (Boris Kolev) (p. 256)



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