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Whatcom Tea Enthusiasts Association meetings

The Bellingham_tea Yahoo group has been inert for some time now. For those in the area that are interested, there is a new local club called Whatcom Tea
May 14, 2010

Spring 2007 bao zhong tea tasting at Floating Leaves

We made a trip to Seattle this weekend for a formal tasting of uber-fresh (May 2007 harvest) Taiwanese bao zhong tea just brought back from a purchasing trip
Jun 13, 2007

Best Oolongs in Seattle - Floating Leaves

Good tea shops in Seattle (correction - good *Chinese* tea shops) are hard to find. there are a few that sell decent whole leaf teas, but the first to stand
Jun 7, 2007

Best quality tea - Spring Cottage Tea

We've tried teas now from dozens of tea shops in the US and Canada, and have now even imported tea ourselves directly from Yunan, China. Most tea shops claim
Jun 6, 2007

Best place for gong-fu tea trays, gaiwans, and yixing pots - World

By far the best prices we've seen on good gong-fu tea sets and accessories has been World Pu-erh, a small family-owned tea shop hidden in Parker Place mall in
May 23, 2007

Local review - The Spice Hut

There's very few whole-leaf Chinese tea stores in the Bellingham area, so The Spice Hut tends to stand out. Their original store north of Bellis Fair Mall is
May 19, 2007

First posting -- Welcome to Bellingham Tea!

Hi there! The purpose of this group is to find local (Whatcom County) like-minded tea-lovers to share traditional chinese teas with. There's already a small
May 16, 2007
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