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1270Rosh Hashana Request!!

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  • zvi mann
    Sep 8, 2007
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      Hi! this is the second part of my answer.
      Only 3 percent of Israelies in the self sufficient, communal societies called Kibbutzim, but they have often supplied the nation with its leaders-generals, politicians, teachers.
      Most of today's 250 Kibbutizim remain socialists and agnostic, predominantly Ashkenazi, and closly linked to the Histadrut( the Israeli trade union) but they have closley they have gone through a significant transition.
      In the early 70's the Kibbutizm moved from living of the land to becomoing "Capitalists building factories and hiring outside labor.
      Children that were sleeping in dormatories moved to their parents houses  and the whole structure of Kibbutz life has changed. Now day there is not even one Kibbuts that keeps the dormatory system.
      I had 3 children that were raised in dormatories. I asked my children (now over 30 years old). what do they remember from those years? All the three of them said that they were not happy to stay at night alone without mother or father. They were scared but they were ashamed to show it. What they liked is to fight with each other and watch the Night guard running to their house and getting angry.
      My children said that it helped them to get used to Army Life and not to complasin to much...
      my 2 other kids grew at home and they had a normal upraising.
      I asked several women at work ( we are 4 teachers from Kibbutzim) and one of them said to me that she was very happy to hear that she can keep at night the children at home since she used to stand at night behind the window of the dormatory and cry mjissing her babies.
      A second Mother (I think you met her and her son in Shede-Boker) said in her heart she felt that the system is against humen nature but she defended as long as she could the Kibbutz ideal of dormatories.
      Last I have a big request and I will make it brief. You remember Tal, he was the young platoon office that spoke to us in Shede-Boker. He is doing everything for his soldiers although he is only two years older.
      When Leah the mother noticed what I was doing for the Sudanies in money clothing and food she said to me and I felt some pain in her voice, "What about helping our soldiers".
      I asked her what is the problem she said : "They d'ont have enough Ceremic bulletproof jacets, they get Jackets but they are not good enough.
      I did not know what to tell her since it is true that I spent all my resources on the Sudanise.
      It is true that the Israeli Army has plans and Tanks and very expensive equippment but when it comes to Jackets and Head lights and personal equippment that can save life the families have to buy it by themselves for their kids.
      Tals platon has 20 soldiers and they need another 5 Ceremic jackets. It costs in the States or in the free market in Israel around 800$ each. The money can be send care of Tals unit to the defence minstry and it is Tax deducted in the States. It will be directed to his unit by the Israeli defence Ministry. I know that the Israeli Army should have taken care of this but until it is done Tals life and some of the soldiers could be saved since they protect us every day from the terrorists.
      Leah the mother old me that until the last soldier of his platoon does not have a jacket heis not going to wear one. He has a nother year in the Army and she "crazy" of fear for his life.
      I can tell you that it was not easy for Leah Tals mother to talk to you and it is not easy for me to ak you for H E L P.
      As far as I know Tal could be in touch with you since his father is American and he speaks and writes a fluent English.
      More than that when you come to Israel you can be honrable guests of his unit.
      Shana Tova and a year of Peace