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1269A peacefu and a happy new year!l

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  • zvi mann
    Sep 8 12:07 PM
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      Dear all,
      It has been quite a while since I wrote to all our group of Belarus that shared the exprience in Israel last March and especially Nizzana.
      Lately I was busy together with my "partner" Aya in helping the Sudnise refugees from Darfur.
      You witnessed the first refugees that "ran for their lives from being killed by the Sudanise and then later by the Egyptian soldiers.
      It is not that the Sudanise crossed the border and our Army could not stop them. The Israeli soldiers let them in not to be killed by the Egyptian border police.
      Sice them a couple of hundreds of them entered Israel. It is to bad that our government did not have a clear policy about those refugees. Some of them are in Jail near Nizzana  with the Arab terroriests and the rest are kept in Kibbutzim and in privae homes.
      Aya and me were helping out a group of 7 families staying at Kadesh Barneah near Nizzana.
      One of our friends that grows flowers took them home and they built beautiful mud houses. We received some donations from James Lubitz, Leah watson and mostly from Yelena Gorina( she works for James in Washington.
      The faith of this small group of 14 adults and 34 children was almost ideal. We gave them medical care opened nersuries for the children and two classrooms.  It looked like a small happy Kibbutz, but last Saturday they "vanished" and the Israeli Govenment can look for them if they want, they are now in Tel-Aviv Haifa  and Jerusalem.
      Since 48 of the Sudanies in Jail were sent back to Egypt and we had some indications that it could happen to "our" Sudanise we did not take a chance.
      So again I apologize for not responding. We have a saying kin Hebrew when the guns are in actctiion there is no time for words...
      I was asked about a month ago by some of you what I was thinking about the kibbutz today compared to the kibbutz in the early days when children were sleeping in children houses?
      Intresting I was asked the same questions by "National Geographic" on July 1985 when I was a member of Kibbutz Kfar-Giladi. I will scan it and end it to you in a couple of days since I have some "trouble" with my computer.