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    Merle Levine
    Nov 13, 2014
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    Investment Opportunities

    Hi All, Attached is an article for your review. It is quite a good read and definitely the most insightful I have read on wealth management. : CLICK HERE and
    Nov 12, 2014


    Hello, Check out this properties, CLICK HERE. and log in with your email Myrna Gelman Shanker, Author "Lazar, The Good Deed Dog: Giving Love and Respect to Our
    Myrna Gelman Shanker
    Feb 16, 2012

    Fw: Tenemos que ser no menos de 6.000.000.-

    ... From: Roberto Schaps W To: Roberto Schaps W Sent: Wednesday, January 06, 2010 10:31 PM Subject: RV: Tenemos que ser no menos de 6.000.000.- Asunto: Fwd:
      Ruth Bedrax
      Jan 7, 2010
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      Another email from Yuri Dorn

      I thought that others might be interested in this one too. Shoshana Hello All, Jewish Community of Belarus is happy to announce opening of two new Holocaust
      Nov 18, 2008

      Kobrin Synagogue restoration

      I received this email from Yuri Dorn. I thought that others might be interested. Shoshana A very important project has been started that will restore the
      Nov 18, 2008


      Lovely pictures of fall! Enjoy ... From: GingerLWood@... To: jkushner@... ; CwBR549@... ; dlemaire2@... ; Homes2own@... Sent:
        Oct 30, 2008
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        Sharashova Film

        PS. I forgot to mention the title. It's called " The Stones of Sharashova". Thanks agagin Celia Celia Denov cdenov@... (416) 921 9046
        Apr 27, 2008

        A film of Sharashova

        Hi Everyone It's been a long time. I hope that you are all well. I thought I should let you know that recently my husband and I made a short documentary fillm
        Apr 27, 2008

        תודה לצבי (1Thank you picture)

        þ15/12/2007 þå'/èáú/úùñ"ç òáåø: öáé îï åàøâåï éåöàé áìøåñéä. ùìåí øá, áøöåððå ìäåãåú ìëí òì
          zvi mann
          Dec 17, 2007
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          Fw: Letter to the World

          Hi, It is worth reading yours Zvi ... From: Merle Levine To: billgladstone@... ; Bobby Lieberman ; beinfem@... ; Danita Simon ; Ethel Sum
          zvi mann
          Nov 29, 2007

          Re: Sharashova Cemetery Restoration Project

          I can only add to the sentiments already expressed... What a wonderful project. Denny and I were both moved by this beautiful act of passion, love, and
          Debra Bolgla
          Nov 12, 2007

          Re: {Disarmed} [belarus_trip_2005] Sharashova Cemetery Restoration P

          Dear All, Celia's and Robert's achievement is greater than they describe; the fence is 1,500 metres, not 500. Moreover Cecelia and Robert laboured with the
          Franklin James Swartz
          Nov 12, 2007

          Re: Sharashova Cemetery Restoration Project

          Dear All, Just so you know, Cecelia's and Robert's accomplishment was greater than they describe, the fence is 1,500 metres, not 500. Not only did Cecelia and
          Franklin James Swartz
          Nov 12, 2007

          Re: {Disarmed} [belarus_trip_2005] Sharashova Cemetery Restoration P

          thank you for the vital and fulfilling information-i have been in touch with the same folks and next year will do the cemetary in antopol in belarus.
          Bill Glosser
          Nov 12, 2007
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