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Research paper Hello my name is Bill. I am a first year psychology student and I have to do a research paper for my class. Below is a confidential survey which has questions
Apr 3
Carrotmob Steering Committee - Who wants to help? Hi BASS, Just wanted to follow up on the carrotmob idea.  The plan is slowly lurching forward and we are approaching the point where final decisions will need
Donny Newsome
Jul 23, 2013
Prosocial Progress: A Blueprint for Social Sustainability Dale and Thomas Hallatt are talented documentary film makers who have released a trailer for their forthcoming production scheduled to be completed later this
Jun 26, 2013
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Questionnaire on implicit/explicit environmental attitudes Hi everybody. My name is John Hyland and I am working on a study, with my colleague PatriciaFrazer, on implicit/explicit environmental attitudes. I would be
Jun 12, 2013
Re: ABAI Carrtomob? About energy monitoring, I guess everyone already has seen the TED video with Opower?
Magnus Johansson
Jun 11, 2013
Re: ABAI Carrtomob? Lodestone Academy has also committed. Anita Li is our green officer. FIT Learning - I'd love to hear the stuff you're doing, and we'll share our stuffs too!
Josh Pritchard
Jun 11, 2013
ABAI Carrtomob? Hi All, It was great seeing many of you at ABAI and the BASS meeting.  I'd like to follow up a bit on the conversation we were having about how folks can
Donny Newsome
Jun 10, 2013
New file uploaded to behavioranalystsforsustainablesocieties Hello, This email message is a notification to let you know that a file has been uploaded to the Files area of the behavioranalystsforsustainablesocieties
May 25, 2013
BASS Sig elections Hey all, I'm assuming we will be having new officer elections at the BASS SIG meeting this ABA. I don't know if anyone is interested in taking over my role as
Todd Ward
Apr 11, 2013
Re: Hot news Hello All, Evidently, my email account was hacked earlier and some spam was sent your way.  My apologies for this.  Please do not click on any links in any
greg smith
Mar 14, 2013
Hot news http://frigocarne.com/qlac/gnn?ftagk
greg smith
Mar 14, 2013
Peru Generates Water out of Thin Air Peru has developed an innovative way to literally generate potable water out of thin air -- by using billboards. Read it on the BASS Blog here --
Todd Ward
Feb 25, 2013
Root Cellaring See the first BASS Blog post of 2013 here , discussing the use of root cellars to
Todd Ward
Feb 19, 2013
Re: Sierra Club about to hold largest climate rally in US history It looks like we're in agreement on BASS and politics! I have a BASS blog proposal at the bottom of this so hang with me here... Here's my own perspective, if
Todd Ward
Feb 18, 2013
Re: Sierra Club about to hold largest climate rally in US history Great discussion and excellent posts.  I see no problem in considering climate rallies and other activities of political and lobbying organizations as part of
Donny Newsome
Feb 17, 2013
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Re: Sierra Club about to hold largest climate rally in US history Todd, I appreciate your input. To be clear, I am not advocating for BASS to have a conspicuous presence or formal affiliations with political organizations.
Benjamin M
Feb 17, 2013
Re: Sierra Club about to hold largest climate rally in US history Interesting post Ben! I would think hard about linking BASS as a group with political action. It seems to me that BASS is a group that is focused on finding
Todd Ward
Feb 12, 2013
Sierra Club about to hold largest climate rally in US history Coming up in a few days, February 17th, the Sierra Club will be holding its largest rally on climate change.
Benjamin M
Feb 12, 2013
how the warm past prepares us for a warm future Here's an interesting article discussing findings of a recent ice core study published in nature that discusses the warmer temperatures of the past and how
Todd Ward
Jan 25, 2013
(no subject) http://venuspinups.com/templates/beez/ndold.php?ukpt=ukpt
Joel Vidovic
Jan 6, 2013
TED talk: Can cattle mitigate global warming? Thanks to Dr. Alavosius for sending me an Seth Itzken's interesting TED talk on the role of cattle in mitigating global warming. You can view it on the BASS
Todd Ward
Nov 14, 2012
A Solar Panel "Microbrewery" According to NPR's Science Friday, two young innovators built a machine that can print your own solar panels in minutes. Read more at the BASS
Todd Ward
Nov 2, 2012
Re: Fw: Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster? Glad you have survived the frankenstorm, Mike.   Your skepticism about the claimed links and the assumptions underlying the modeling algorithms is truly
Donny Newsome
Nov 1, 2012
Followup on Creating Green Conferences Hi all, Several of you were part of a conversation at the BCSW conference regarding ways to implement green conferences via the Internet. Mike Magoon found an
Todd Ward
Nov 1, 2012
Re: Fw: Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster? This has turned into a nice convo. In my opinion, sustainable behavior can and should be pursued even if global warming turned out to be a total sham.
Todd Ward
Oct 30, 2012
Re: Fw: Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster? All, I've been following this issue for a few months now and I have reason to be suspect of the "science" happening behind the scenes (though as a behavior
Mike Magoon
Oct 30, 2012
Re: Fw: Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster? Thanks Donny. I read the article. It is an empirical question whether or not new types of analysis with make the global warming construct a functional one.
Todd Ward
Oct 29, 2012
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Re: Fw: Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster? BTW Todd, I agree that the idea of "global warming" historically has not inspired wide-spread behavior change and has often been a target of political rhetoric
Donny Newsome
Oct 29, 2012
Fw: Frankenstorm: Has Climate Change Created A Monster? Per Todd's request I am re-posting this to the list.  The article link is below. My initial comment: Climate scientists are advancing statistical models to
Donny Newsome
Oct 29, 2012
open invite to the BASS Blog Hi all, I just wanted to extend an invitation to everyone in the group. If you would like to write up something short to put on the BASS
Todd Ward
Oct 28, 2012
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