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[Commercial] Training on Perl Automation by Industry Professionals.

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  • concepts_systems
    Hello All, With a growing demand for Perl automation ,we are pleased to announce a new weekend batch of Perl Automation for students & Professionals. Course
    Message 1 of 3 , Jan 11, 2008
      Hello All,

      With a growing demand for Perl automation ,we are pleased to announce
      a new weekend batch of "Perl Automation" for students & Professionals.

      Course Highlights:

      - Linux orientation
      - PERL introduction
      - PERL for Automation
      - Various operators
      - Data types
      - File handling
      - Pattern Matching
      - Functions in PERL
      - Processes Handling and Socket programming
      - Command line options and Standard system variables
      - References in PERL
      - Object Oriented Perl programming
      - PERL debugger

      Apart from these all followings are also covered :

      - How to create logs and reports in PERL based automation
      - Mailing the logs/reports through PERL script


      Carefully designed labs and exercises which will help participants to
      apply knowledge gained through lectures immediately in their assignments.

      Starting Date : 19 January, 2008.
      Duration : 40 Hours
      Timings : Saturday and Sunday, 3 hours per day.

      Venue :
      Concepts Systems, Pentagon, Pune-Satara Road, Pune
      602-603, The Pentagon, Shahu College Road,
      Next to Pune-Satara Road,
      Near Panchami Hotel, Parvati. Pune - 411009.

      Registration: We encourage you to register at the earliest since there
      are limited seats.

      About Us:

      Concepts Systems Educational Services has always been in forefront for
      providing software professionals and aspirants with best-of-the-breed
      technologies which ensure that professionals/students remain on the
      cutting edge of technology and continue to win their goals.

      If you have any queries feel free to call us on +91-020-24216888 /
      9960638738 Or mail us at training@.... For customized
      on-site training for your team, send a mail to info@....

      Thanks & Regards,
      Concepts Systems Educational Services.
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