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374questions and concerns

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  • dmanildi
    Oct 10, 2013
      With the resuscitation of this group, might it not be a good idea to post an updated listing of the all the recordings Mr. Mathisen is familiar with - at least the complete sets? There are now nearly 80 complete sets that have been issued. I doubt that all of these have been examined. Or else just list the ones he has *not* heard?

      If the objective is indeed to identify the "best" or "greatest" version of a given sonata, simple logic requires that ALL versions be heard. Otherwise, how can one know whether any given recording not heard might well be the ultimate performance that is sought? Answer: one cannot. Therefore, maybe we should again know the exact purpose of these surveys and an acknowledgment of their limitations.

      I also might caution against using youTube as a source. Apart from the questionable or unstated provenance of many youTube performances, listening on crappy computer speakers or through hand-held devices or earpieces is hardly a reliable way to discern the inner detail of a performance.

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