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  • Hello list, Does anyone know of data (or have anecdotal information) on the effect of grazing/browsing/trampling by goats on bumble bee nests? A local urban garden in Seattle is interested in using goats to control some invasive plants, but is concerned about their potential impact on ground-nesting bees. Thanks! Best, Susan Waters, Urban Pollination Project
    Susan Waters May 6, 2014
  • Hello everyone, Does anyone know where we could get our hands on a high-resolution recording of a bumblebee buzz pollinating? Thank you! Best, Susan Waters
    Susan Waters Jan 11, 2013
  • Hello bee folks, I'm writing in hopes of publicizing some pollinator-related citizen science research, the Urban Pollination Project ( www.urbanpollinationproject.org ). Having lurked here for a long time now (and benefiting greatly in my own research--thanks!), I think this project might interest a lot of people on this list. We hope to spread the word to a wide audience as we...
    Susan Waters Nov 26, 2012
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  • Thanks to all for your responses! Susan
    Susan Waters Nov 5, 2010
  • Hello, I've just read about a bioinformatics system for identifying bees called ABIS. Does anyone know where I can find this software, how to get ahold of it, and what it might cost? Thank you, Susan Waters
    Susan Waters Nov 4, 2010