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Scare Tactics?

Hi Russel and others, Deformed wing virus and black queen cell virus have been found in some species of bumble bees here in the US. We collected Bombus
Stoner, Kimberly
5:54 AM

UV/Fan Mosquito Dyna Trap as Generalized Bee/Insect Collecting Devic

hi all, They installed a couple of these traps at the preschool my daughters attend in Atlanta. I monitored one of the traps, not very closely / consistently,
Brosi, Berry J
Feb 6

Soil Organic Matter and Ground nesters

Zach and others- I agree, if there is an effect, it is likely to reflect soil attributes (fine roots perhaps, or water-holding capacity, or water logging, or
Cane, Jim
Jan 23

Ground nesting bees in flood zones

Dear all, From what I see so far, there are bees that are acclimated to continual floods. In a side discussion with Russel (below) the San Juan Island bees
Jan 5

Early Evidence of Honey Hunting

My less than exhaustive research suggests the Minoans were big on snakes and bulls but no mention of bees in their religious symbolism. The god of Ekron, one
Jack Neff
Jan 4
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