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Heriades -a vs. -us ending

... This is a very good resource, and I use it myself quite often, but it has a few limitations: it is by no means exhaustive, and it also essentially only
Doug Yanega
12:15 PM

TMDL credits for meadows

Thanks for letting me know; I think I forgot to attach them. From: The Kuder Family [mailto:treetops5@comcast.net] Sent: Wednesday, October 07, 2015 12:02 PM
Crumbling, Deana
Oct 7

establishing and managing roadside pollinator corridors

Hi Lisa, This report from the Florida DOT might be useful for you and others - showing economic benefits of ecologically managed roadside vegetation. I took a
Stoner, Kimberly
Oct 2

Pollination of Rudbeckia triloba and Calycanthus floridus

We (my lab) has worked on R. hirta for a while here in VA and some in CO. Lots of bee pollinators, especially Halictidae. I use them routinely in Cons Bio lab
Lisa Horth
Sep 28

Disinfectant Spray to Combat Fungal Growth

Dear Elsa, Much appreciated! All the best, Márcia Motta Maués Gestora do NT PROFRUTI Pesquisadora do Laboratório de Entomologia Embrapa Amazônia Oriental
Marcia Motta Maues
Sep 28

Bumble Bee with front pollen baskets!?

thank you for the specifics, Jack and Julie, I charlie Guevara, finger lakes/NY ... On Tue, 9/15/15, Jack Neff jlnatctmi@yahoo.com [beemonitoring]
Charles Guevara
Sep 17
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