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The Mystery of Osmia caerulescens in North America

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  • Sam Droege
    All: I recently came across a nice male O. caerulescens in Nancy Adamson s collection of bees from SW Virginia. It was the first contemporary one I had ever
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      I recently came across a nice male O. caerulescens in Nancy Adamson's collection of bees from SW Virginia.  It was the first contemporary one I had ever seen from this region... I have never collected any myself.  Terry Griswold asked me to look up specimens at Smithsonian Natural History Museum and I did so (you can see the records at the end of this message).  Apparently, it was regionally common with many records from the Mid-Atlantic area and several specimens from Washington D.C. and even the Eastern Short of Maryland in places we collect heavily and have not found the species.  We did a quick graph of specimens collected for O. atriventris (a species still very common in the area) and there was no significant difference in collection dates between the two.  So whatever has happened to this species has happened subsequent to the 20's (sidenote: Not much material has been added to the Smithsonian's bee collections in almost 80 year!...something we are now beginning to change).

      So, I was wondering who has seen this species recently and if you have seen it if you could summarize the number of records/locations and some ideas regarding habitat/circumstance/commonness



      Histogram of records at NMNH for O. atriventris (red) and O. caerulescens (blue).


      O. caerulescens            O. atriventris
      N:    37                       N:    69
      Mean:    1915.8        Mean:    1919.1
      Var.:    464.71        Var.:    78.492


      t:    -1.1038        p(eq):    0.27224
      Welch t    -0.88521        p(eq):    0.38101
      Permutation t test:    p(eq):    0.2701

      Thanks to Josh Thomas for doing the graphs and anlayses

        Label Information:  
      Whitman, ma, 1947?
      Chicopee, ma, 1897
      Highspire, pa, 1908
      Canada, baker collection 1918?
      Brookland, dc, 1915
      VA, rohwer collection
      Monongahela, wv, 1926
      Chestertown, md, 1936
      Ithaca, ny, 1922
      Lyme, ct, 1909
      DC, pergande collection (2)
      VA, pergande collection, 1885
      Southbridge,ma, 1915
      Ithaca, ny 1935
      Marianna, pa 1931
      Forest Hills, ma 1927
      Highspire, pa 1910

      Ithaca, ny 1936
      Carlisle Junction, PA 1910
      Mineto, ny 1953 (presumed not 1853)
      Durham, nh 1905
      Forest Hills, ma 1926 (2)
      Milwaukee, wi 1906
      Harrisburg, pa 1909
      A.E.S Collection 1881
      NJ, 1883
      VA, 1885
      DC, 1926
      Braddock Heights, md 1912
      Falls Church, va, ?
      Needham, ms 1921
      Hartford, ct 1887
      Ocean Grove, NJ 1883
      Linglestown, PA 1917
      Marquette, mi 1905
      C.V. Riley collection, DC ?
      Ithaca, ny 1985
      Ithaca, ny 1935
      Harrisburg, pa 1908
      Milwaukee, wi 1905

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    • Parker Gambino
      I have one specimen/collection record: *Osmia caerulescens* male NY: Putnam County Brewster 150m 16.iv.2003 Parker
      Message 2 of 2 , Feb 21, 2010
        I have one specimen/collection record:
        Osmia caerulescens male
        NY: Putnam County
        Brewster    150m
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