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JOB ANNOUNCEMENT: Xerces Society Midwest Pollinator Outreach Coordinator

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  • Eric Mader
    JOB TITLE: Midwest Pollinator Outreach Coordinator BACKGROUND: The Xerces Society is an international, nonprofit organization that protects wildlife through
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 17, 2009
      JOB TITLE: Midwest Pollinator Outreach Coordinator

      BACKGROUND: The Xerces Society is an international, nonprofit
      organization that protects wildlife through the conservation of
      invertebrates and their habitat. Butterflies, dragonflies, beetles,
      worms, starfish, mussels, and crabs are but a few of the millions of
      invertebrates at the heart of a healthy environment. Invertebrates
      build the stunning coral reefs of our oceans; they are essential to
      the reproduction of most flowering plants, including many fruits,
      vegetables, and nuts; and they are food for birds, fish, and other
      animals. Yet invertebrate populations are often imperiled by human
      activities and rarely accounted for in mainstream conservation.
      Established in 1971, the Xerces Society is at the forefront of
      invertebrate protection, harnessing the knowledge of scientists and
      the enthusiasm of local citizens to implement conservation and
      education programs. Over the last three decades, we have protected
      endangered species and their habitats, produced ground-breaking
      publications on insect conservation, trained thousands of farmers and
      land managers to protect and manage habitat, and raised awareness
      about the invertebrates of forests, prairies, deserts, and oceans. The
      Xerces Society is headquartered in Portland Oregon. Currently the
      Society has 12 FTE and an annual budget of over $1,000,000.

      SCOPE: Under the direction of the National Pollinator Outreach
      Coordinator, the Midwest Pollinator Outreach Coordinator will work to
      provide resources and training to agricultural professionals across
      the Midwest on pollinator habitat management, creation, restoration,
      and enhancement. The Outreach Coordinator will also build the general
      public’s awareness of the importance of native pollinators to
      agricultural sustainability and wildlife conservation.

      MAJOR JOB ACTIVITIES: This is a regional level position that will
      require considerable travel throughout the Midwest (and will often
      require more than 40 hours a week due to travel). Strong outreach
      skills are needed as the ideal candidate will coordinate logistics for
      workshops and provide training to Natural Resource Conservation
      Service staff, other agricultural professionals and land managers. The
      position will also include writing educational materials, conducting
      literature research, and coordinating with academic scientists.

      Working as a team with the National Pollinator Outreach Coordinator
      and the Pollinator
      Conservation Director the Outreach Coordinator will:

      • Coordinate logistics for workshops to train agricultural
      professionals in pollinator conservation techniques.
      • Present workshops on pollinator conservation to variety of audiences.
      • Coordinate pollinator research with academic partners.
      • Raise awareness about native pollinator conservation techniques
      among sustainable agriculture communities.
      • Prepare fact sheets and outreach materials based on field research.
      • Assist in the development of state criteria for screening EQIP,
      WHIP, or other project proposals.
      • Help develop Pollinator Habitat Evaluation Guides and Pollinator
      Biology Technical Notes.
      • Develop appropriate plant lists for states.
      • Bachelors degree (Graduate degree strongly preferred) in entomology,
      ecology, conservation biology, natural resource management, or 3-5
      years experience in conservation science, and/or equivalent
      combination of education and experience; experience in entomology is
      • An understanding of pollination ecology and the role of native
      pollinators (especially bees) in agroecosystems.
      • Ability to manage complex or multiple projects.
      • Knowledge of species (especially invertebrates), natural
      communities, ecosystems, ecological processes, and their conservation
      • Ability to synthesize, interpret, and communicate complex scientific
      information to influence conservation practice.
      • Ability to develop and give engaging presentations to audiences of
      more than twenty adults.
      • Ability to communicate professionally with a wide variety of people.
      • Ability to manage time and diverse activities under deadlines, while
      delivering quality results.
      • Ability to work independently on assigned tasks.
      • Ability to format and or design professional documents using word,
      publisher, or other publishing software.
      • Working knowledge of common software applications (e.g. Word, Excel,
      PowerPoint, Web browsers).

      • Strong understanding of Midwest farming systems.
      • Understanding of USDA Farm Bill conservation programs.
      • Prior management experience (of any kind).
      • A good sense of humor.

      TERMS: This is a full time position and we are an at will employer.
      The Xerces Society is an equal opportunity employer committed to
      workforce diversity.

      SALARY: $32,000 - $38,000 depending on experience.

      BENEFITS: This position includes a generous benefits package: eleven
      paid holidays and two weeks of vacation accrued after first year,
      medical benefits, and a flexible work environment. If the position is
      extended beyond one year, eight percent of the base pay will be
      contributed toward a SEP retirement account, beginning in January of
      the calendar year following the first full year of employment.

      LOCATION: Position location preferably in Minneapolis, MN but for the
      right candidate we are open to the position being in other major
      cities in the upper Midwest.

      MORE INFORMATION: For more information on the Xerces Society and our
      programs, please see our website. www.xerces.org

      APPLICATION: Anyone interested in this position should email a cover
      letter, resume, and names and contact information for three references
      (please combine all information into a single MS Word or Adobe PDF
      document) to:

      Suzanne Granahan
      The Xerces Society
      4828 SE Hawthorne Blvd.
      Portland, OR 97215
      We have limited staff time, so we appreciate no phone calls to our office!

      DEADLINE: September 4, 2009.

      Eric Mader
      National Pollinator Outreach Coordinator
      The Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation
      Tel: 608-628-4951 Fax: 503-233-6794
      Email: eric@...

      Assistant Professor of Extension
      University of Minnesota - Department of Entomology
      Email: made0002@...

      The Xerces Society is an international nonprofit organization that
      protects wildlife through the conservation of invertebrates and their
      habitat. Our Pollinator Conservation Program works to support the
      sustainability and profitability of farms while protecting pollinator
      insects. To join the Society, make a contribution, or read about our
      work, please visit www.xerces.org.
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