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Yellowstone Bioblitz

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  • Jessica Rykken
    Yellowstone National Park will be hosting a multi-taxa Bioblitz at the end of August. They are looking for scientists to participate in
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 3, 2009
    Yellowstone National Park will be hosting a multi-taxa "Bioblitz" at the end
    of August. They are looking for scientists to participate in
    collecting/identifying any taxonomic group of interest. They would be
    particularly interested in bees. Participation could include collecting
    and/or identifying bees. See the notice below.

    BioBlitz in Yellowstone National Park

    We are looking for taxonomic team leaders and team members to help out with
    survey work in the park. Please let us know if you might be interested or
    if you know of someone that would be good on a team.

    August 28, 29, 30
    12:00 -3:00 pm for the public

    The concept of a BioBlitz was first developed by Harvard biologist, E.O.
    Wilson to catalog organisms around Walden Pond. Many states and other
    countries have now conducted their own similar events with one of the most
    publicized taking place in New York's Central Park where they documented
    over 800 different species. This will be the first in Yellowstone National

    Yellowstone National Park is currently accepting applications from
    scientists interested in leading or joining a taxonomic specialty team on
    August 28 and 29. Please contact kayhan.ostovar@... if you are

    Scientists will have the option to camp or stay in dormitory housing in YNP.
    Food will be available in the dining hall of the dorms, which will also
    serve as the primary location for ID work to take place.

    The event will be open to the public on the 29th in front of the Mammoth
    visitor center from 12-3:00 for children, families and others interested in
    the project. Come visit with scientists in the "Discovery Field Lab" to
    learn more about the animals and plants that were discovered. Educational
    programs on Yellowstone Park natural history and specific survey techniques
    employed by the scientists will be available for families.
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