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RE: [beemonitoring] Propylene Glycol - Formaldahyde

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  • barbara.abraham@hamptonu.edu
    My spider pitfall traps in Utah years ago had Kahle s fluid, which contains formalin and glacial acetic acid. I never saw a vertebrate in my trap (or any dead
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      My spider pitfall traps in Utah years ago had Kahle’s fluid, which contains formalin and glacial acetic acid.  I never saw a vertebrate in my trap (or any dead ones nearby).




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      Thanks for the notes about propylene glycol availability.  Interesting to see that formaldehyde will be added to ethylene glycol.  From correspondents and literature from Europe it appears to be common practice to add 1% to 5% formaldehyde to soapy water in moericke bowl traps.  The formalin keeps the vertebrates away, keeps algae down, and preserves the catch.  The only problem is that people are very leery about using it and so we are shying away from recommending it in traps, but I could be convinced otherwise.  Does anyone on the list have experience with using formalin in traps?



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      Re: [beemonitoring] Where to get Propylene Glycol

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      Sam, I get my propylene glycol from Checkers (soon to be out of business
      here) There are two brands Sierra and Prestone. I am worried that the new
      regulations to put formaldahyde in the regular antifreeze will make
      finding this product harder to get. Have you asked the automotive supply
      store near you about special ordering it? If they get Prestone products,
      they should be able to order it. Good luck, Karen

      On Sat, 28 Feb 2009, Sam Droege wrote:

      > All:
      > I have been having problems finding sources of Propylene Glycol for use
      > in traps. As you may recall the traditional Ethylene Glycol used in
      > radiator fluid is toxic to mammals. Propylene Glycol, on the other hand,
      > is used in processed foods and is considered "safe."
      > Problem is that none of the automotive stores in the area carry it and
      > WalMart while carrying RV coolant, carries it as a dilute formula and in
      > red rather than clear.
      > Yesterday, while fooling around repairing an ancient dump truck with a
      > friend, he mentioned that you can get it from heating and cooling
      > suppliers as it is required when a coolant is used in hot water panels.
      > Such suppliers are easy to find in the yellow pages and while they may
      > not have PG in stock, it is its easy for them to order and should come in
      > a day or two.
      > I hear it goes for about $60.00 U.S. for 5 gallons.
      > Here is one manufacturer.
      > http://www.comstarp roducts.com/
      > RV sales shops may also be able to order you propylene glycol, but am
      > less familiar with them.
      > Importantly, you can order it clear, rather than the normal red or blue.
      > sam
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