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Re: [beemonitoring] New Photo Gallery

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  • Thomas of Baltimore
    John: Thank you for the compliment and I apologize, as well, for my strong reaction. Any discussion of the ecology of the city, and the ecology of bees in the
    Message 1 of 3 , Dec 23 11:54 AM
      Thank you for the compliment and I apologize, as well, for my strong reaction.  
      Any discussion of the ecology of the city, and the ecology of bees in the city, will necessarily include socio-political discussion.  It is unavoidable.  
      As an amateur urban naturalist I am particularly interested in the whole notion of introduced species which is why I mentioned it on the message board.  But let's not let any disagreement on that topic overshadow what we do agree on -- our love of bees.
      Happy holidays,
      Warmly,  Thom Wilson of Baltimore City
      On 12/23/06, John S. Ascher <ascher@...> wrote:

      The photos are beautiful and an excellent contribution. Note that the last
      photo is of a male Hoplitis (Alcidamea). The modified antennae are

      I apologize for criticizing your email so bluntly. I was a little
      frustrated to receive so many messages in my main email account (not all
      from you by any means), but I realize this is my own fault for not
      organizing my inbox. I was also somewhat upset by your comments on
      invasive species as they seemed to include some political or sociological
      commentary that I didn't care for, some comments about plants, but not
      much about bee monitoring.


      > I uploaded my collection of bee images from 2006. Please take a look.

      John S. Ascher, Ph.D.
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