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RE: [beemonitoring] Final Production Version of Alien and Introduced Bees of North America north of Mexico

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  • Sam Droege
    Jim: Would it be safe to say: Osmia cornifrons 1960. Eastern China, Korea, and Japan. Introduced to pollinate tree fruit crops. Feral populations are
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      Would it be safe to say:

       Osmia cornifrons 1960.  Eastern China, Korea, and Japan.  Introduced to pollinate tree fruit crops.  Feral populations are definitely established in the Mid-Atlantic and  Northeastern U.S. and possibly in the Upper Midwest and Northwestern U.S.  Available commercially.



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      RE: [beemonitoring] Final Production Version of Alien and Introduced Bees of North America north of Mexico

      Sam- regarding Osmia cornifrons, I gather that some fruit growers are using it and propagating it in Michigan, and Karen Strickler stumbled into them among populations Osmia lignaria trap-nested (I think) in the Portland OR area (Chris O’Toole bought the nests for his mass-rearing program of Oslig for almond pollination, recognized the “wrong” nests, informed Karen, and destroyed them).





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