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Pre-announcement: Research Specialist / Postdoctoral Researcher position

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  • soysprout
    Title: Hawaiian Yellow-faced Bee Research Specialist or Postdoctoral Researcher Job Type: Full-time position Location: Oahu, HI Posting Date: This is a
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      Title:  Hawaiian Yellow-faced Bee Research Specialist or Postdoctoral Researcher


      Job Type:  Full-time position

      Location:  Oahu, HI

      Posting Date:  This is a pre-announcement


      Job Summary:

      We propose to develop captive rearing, propagation and reintroduction techniques for native Hawaiian yellow-faced bee species (Hymenoptera: Colletidae), with specific emphasis on five species (Hylaeus anthracinus, H. assimulans, H. facilis, H. kuakea, and H. mana) which are candidates for protection under the Endangered Species Act of 1973. Recent surveys for yellow-faced bees indicate that populations may be rarer than previously thought. While propagation of native plants is a common conservation tool, rearing of native arthropods has not yet been attempted in Hawaii. The ability to enhance or establish populations of yellow-faced bees in managed areas will not only benefit the survival of the species, but will also enable greater flexibility for State and Federal agencies tasked with management and mitigation of yellow-faced bees.



      The selected individual will be responsible for the establishment of yellow-faced bee colonies, development of rearing methodologies, documentation of basic life history, and reintroduction of yellow-faced bee species into managed habitats.


      Required Qualifications:

      Graduate level education in entomology or a related field. High competence level and demonstrated experience (at least 2 years) working with solitary bees in captivity.


      Additional Information
      NOTE: This is a 1-year, term-limited position, with the option for continued employment based on performance and funding availability.


      The position is listed as a Research Specialist or Postdoctoral Researcher position because we could potentially proceed with hiring directly through the University of Hawaii at Manoa, or using the Research Corporation of the University of Hawaii, a contracting agency.


      Contact Information:

      Cynthia King
      State of Hawaii, Dept. of Land and Natural Resources - Division of Forestry & Wildlife
      Native Invertebrate Program
      1151 Punchbowl Street, Rm. 325
      Honolulu, HI 96813
      Office:  (808) 587-0019; Mobile: (808) 640-8687
      Email: cynthia.b.king@...


      Please include the following information:
      • A cover letter describing your interest in the position, experience, and availability
      • Your CV or resume

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