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Re: [beemonitoring] Exclosure Cages

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  • Lisa Kuder
    I don t think my response posted last night due to user error, so just in case  . . .  Thanks, John, to you and the others who ve responded. You ve inspired
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      I don't think my response posted last night due to user error, so just in case  . . .  Thanks, John, to you and the others who've responded. You've inspired me to build a few prototypes this weekend, one made of PVC and another of bamboo. Also, all of you seem to have used tulle bridal fabric, which is much more cost effective than the grow cover garden fabric I'd initially planned on using. http://www.veggiepatch.com.au/products.html

      I'll post photos later in the growing season w/ the final design :0)

      Thanks again,
      Lisa Kuder

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      The cages I built were for bagging inflorescence of apple flowers, so I had to use rigid chicken wire and the cages were much smaller.

      The bamboo (or other wooden) stakes should work just fine with reemay or another cover. Keep in mind the coverings will possibly have some (positive or negative) consequence for the plant (temp, shade, wind, etc).


      On Thu, Jun 6, 2013 at 8:06 PM, Lisa Kuder <lkuder@...> wrote:
      Hi, Everyone -

      As part of my thesis study, I need to build 90 bee exclosure cages for soybeans that typically grow to about 3.5' tall. So far the plan is to use 4' wooden garden stakes and grow cover cloth. This is going to be a bit costly though, in part because 4' garden stakes don't seem to be sold in bulk at the local hardware stores (Home Depot and Lowes). Have any of you had experience building small cages? If so, were you able to find cost effective ways of going about it?

      Thanks so much,
      Lisa Kuder
      Hood College
      Frederick, MD

      John Mola

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