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Re: [beemonitoring] What Plants are ONLY pollinated by native bees and not by honeybees?

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  • Julie Serences
    Interesting question, so I ask the very knowledgeable botanist for our local California Native Plant Society - Glen Holstein. I wanted to know specifically
    Message 1 of 11 , Jan 4, 2013
      Interesting question, so I ask the very knowledgeable  botanist for our local California Native Plant Society - Glen Holstein. I wanted to know specifically what native plant species I could include as pollinated by  native bees in my general public native bee talks.  His reply maybe of interest:

      "About 6-8% of flowers worldwide are pollinated that way, with the percentage varying by region. Australia is particularly rich in vibratory pollinated flowers.  In California that kind of pollination characterizes the families Solanaceae and Ericaceae and the genus Dodecatheon (shooting stars).  Ericaceae may have the mostCalifornia buzz-pollinated species since it includes Arctostaphylos (manzanita).  Other California genera where it’s been recorded are Lupinus, Papaver, and Pedicularis but not necessarily in their California species."

      Contact: Glen Holstein at  "Glen Holstein" <holstein@...> for references


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      On Thu, Jan 3, 2013 at 8:03 AM, Droege, Sam <sdroege@...> wrote:


      I have been working with the National Zoo here in Washington D.C. as a bee adviser.   As part of their new outdoor bee and pollinator exhibit they would like to have a set of plants that are only pollinated by native bees and would not be pollinated by honeybees.  

      I can think of plants that are inefficiently pollinated by honeybees, but because of my weakness in pollination biology am not sure of what plants are ONLY pollinated by native bee species. 

      Perhaps some of the orchids?  Super tiny flowers?  Native Wisterias?  I am grasping here....so help me out.

      Are any flowers actually always avoided by honeybees because of the composition of nectar/pollen as opposed to simply the flower's physical characteristics?

      I have copied Elaine Soulanille from the zoo this email so go ahead and copy her on replies.



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