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Bee Observer Cards--looking for images

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  • Rykken, Jessica
    Calling bee photographers, I m collaborating with the Encyclopedia of Life to develop a series of bee observer cards that will cover many aspects of bee
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 12, 2012

      Calling bee photographers,


      I'm collaborating with the Encyclopedia of Life to develop a series of "bee observer cards" that will cover many aspects of bee biology and natural history (they are not identification guides).  Each card has text information on one side, and images on the other (for an example of ANT cards, see http://education.eol.org/sites/default/files/observer/).  I have been gathering images from sites like BugGuide and Flickr (always under creative commons license), and various individuals.  However, I still have a short list of images that I need, but can’t find or access.  I'm hoping that if I put my list out to this community, there might be some photographers out there who have images they could share.  Here’s the list:


      1. Ceratina nest in a stem (would be nice to have both the bee and the nest entrance)


      2. Xylocopa nest in cross section showing individual brood cells


      3. Osmia conjuncta (or other) nest in a snail shell


      4. Osmia or Hoplitis nest in an abandoned wasp nest


      5. Honey bee making use of a nectar robber’s slit to get nectar (e.g., at blueberry)


      6. Any developmental stages of any solitary bee (egg, larva, pupa)—could be a cross section of a nest showing various stages


      7. An egg on a pollen ball


      8. Up-close bee sting (any solitary species—NOT Apis)


      Ideally, images should be fairly large (about 1050 x 750 pixels), but smaller is okay too.  All images that EOL uses on its website have to be under a creative commons license, so if you are willing to share a photo, I will ask you to fill out a CC license permission form for EOL.  Note that these are educational cards (not for sale), and will be available to anyone on the EOL website.  EOL will attribute the image to you, and you remain the copyright holder.




      Jessica Rykken

      Research Associate

      MCZ, Harvard University

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