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Re: [beemonitoring] Eucerini

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  • Rob Irwin
    I did something similar for a bee workshop. I wanted an easy key to Northern CA bee genera. In addition to Bees of the World , DiscoverLife, and
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 22, 2012
    I did something similar for a bee workshop.  I wanted an easy key to Northern CA bee genera.  In addition to "Bees of the World", DiscoverLife, and BugGuide.net, I also relied on:

    Stephen, W P., G. E. Bohart, and P. F. Torchio. 1969. The Biology and External Morphology of Bees. ii + 140 pp. Corvallis: Agricultural Experiment Station, Oregon State University.

    available on: http://scholarsarchive.library.oregonstate.edu/xmlui/bitstream/handle/1957/2080/THEBIOLOGYANDEXTERNALM.pdf?sequence=8

    It is also taxanomically out-dated, but it covers your area well.  I used the Hymenoptera Name Server
    http://atbi.biosci.ohio-state.edu/ to figure out the current/valid taxonomy for each bee genera given in Stephen et al 1969.  From this I put together a draft list of genera in northern California (see attached pdf).  For my study area, I pruned out several genera that have a more northerly distribution and a few from southern xeric regions.

    Hope your efforts pan out.

    Rob Irwin

    On 10/19/2012 6:40 PM, Dana Visalli wrote:

    I'm trying to put together a simple key (note oxymoron) to bee families and genera of my area--
    northern Washington State--just as an exercise in getting oriented.  I'm using 'The Bee Genera
    of North & Central America' as a guide.
    The questions of the moment: 1) Eucera is not in that book; why would that be?  Ross Arnett's
    'American Insects' 1985 edition says there is only one species of Eucera in NA.  DiscoverLife
    lists 9 species....but not E. frater, the one on a list I have for Central Washington. 2) What's
    going on with Eucera?
    3) How does one split Eucera from Melissodes?
    4) Forgive me if I've asked this before, but is there a bee species list extant for Washington State
    or for the Pacific Northwest?
    Thanks very much,
    Dana Visalli
    Twisp, WA

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