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Re: [beemonitoring] Sampling Method for Emerging Ground-nesting Bees

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  • Aviva Liebert
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 9, 2012
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      I used home-made emergence traps over a Centris aggregation. I used
      hardware cloth folded into a cone with a 1m area and a 1 inch hole at the
      top. I covered this cone with weed cloth and used garden stakes to hold
      the whole thing down. Then used clearish plastic paint cups over the cone
      with bailing wire to hold the whole thing together. All supplies from
      home depot. These lasted a year and a half and I collected Centris,
      Diadasia, Agapostemon, Mutilla, Ericrosis, and other insects. Good luck,

      > Hi Folks,
      > Does anyone know of a reliable way to capture bees as they emerge from an
      > area of substrate? I'm considering a sort of modified malaise trap, but
      > I'd appreciate any suggestions.
      > Doug Sponsler
      > Department of Entomology
      > The Ohio State University
      > sponsler.18@...

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