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PhD Students Needed for Bernhardt/Meier lab

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  • Peter Bernhardt
    ... the Missouri Botanical Garden. This includes the herbarium greenhouse complex, library and the Shaw Nature Reserve. We also have access to field sites in
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 5, 2011

      Dear Colleagues:

      Competition for admission to the PhD/Masters program in Biology at Saint Louis University for admission  in  July 2012 has started,  Applications will be accepted through February 2012 but decisions for admissions with assistantships will be made by March 2012 (or earlier).   Saint Louis University accepts applications from both Americans and students with degrees from other countries.  The Bernhardt/Meier Laboratory needs a new PhD student but we will consider students interested in the MSc.  Please bring the following pieces of information to students who will graduate with a BA, BSc or MA, MSc by May or July  2012.  

      1)  The Bernhardt/Meier lab specializes in the reproductive ecology (pollination and breeding systems) of threatened and endangered species.  Current research topics concentrate on Asclepias meadii, Physaria filiformis and orchids of North America, China and Australia.  We are willing to consider PhD or Masters Research on other angiosperm groups that are not classified as threatened or endangered species.

      2) Our laboratory collects of data from field sites including field experimentation on pollen-pistil interactions, nectar collection and observation/collection of pollinators with analyses of their pollen loads.  Lab analyses requires light, S.E.M. and fluorescence microscopy/micrography.  We do not have molecular analytical facilities within our laboratory but such facilities are available within the laboratories of graduate committee members Drs J. Barber and A. Miller in the same department.  It is common for students at St. Louis University to use equipment and facilities in different laboratories.  

      3)  All students working in the Bernhardt/Meier lab have full access to the Missouri Botanical Garden.  This includes the herbarium greenhouse complex, library and the Shaw Nature Reserve.  We also have access to field sites in Missouri and Kansas that include tall grass prairie and temperate deciduous forest.. 
      4)  Students interested in a graduate degree in the Bernhardt/Meier laboratory should contact us <bernhap@...>, <rmeier3@...> before they attempt to apply to the graduate office of St. Louis University.  We suggest the student include a c.v. or a resume with their statement of interest.  Students who are NOT American citizens must take the TOEFL examination before they apply to the graduate program at St. Louis U.  It is a requirement of our university

      5)  It is our hope that students who apply will also have some interest in how scientific research, Botany and plant conservation are taught to children (primary through high school; K-12) and how adults understand plants and botanical research.  We do volunteer talks and seminars for local schools, native plant and conservation societies.   

       6) Saint Louis University is also interested in post-doctoral candidates if they are funded by the institution that employs them.  The Bernhardt/Meier lab is willing to take these post-doctoral students interested in research projects for 6 months - 2 years provided they want instruction in our field and lab techniques (see 2).

      Peter Bernhardt
      Department of Biology. St/ Louis U. (Telephone 1-314-977-7152)
      Retha M. Meier, Ph.D.
      Associate Professor
      Saint Louis University
      3500 Lindell Blvd
      St. Louis, Mo 63101
      (314) 977-7111
      Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. Albert Einstein

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