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RE: [beemonitoring] Exomalopsis Timberlake 1980

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  • Velez, Rita I.
    Doug, Thanks again for your help. I ll really appreciate have one of the copies that you are offering including the corrected couplet numbers. No hurry
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      Re: [beemonitoring] Exomalopsis Timberlake 1980



      Thanks again for your help.


      I’ll really appreciate have one of the copies that you’ are offering including the corrected couplet numbers. No hurry sending it, I can work with the online version meanwhile.


      Best wishes,



      Rita Isa.



      Rita I. Velez

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      ·         Timberlake 1980. Review of North American Exomalopsis (Hymenoptera, Anthophoridae). Univ. Calif. Pub. Entomol. 86: 1 - 158.


      In addition to the online version presently available, we have boxes and boxes of this reprint still sitting here in storage at UCR (unless someone has gone and thrown them away without my knowledge), left behind after Timberlake passed away. Some time back I offered copies to people who needed them, as well as copies of his "Supplemental studies on Perdita, Part II", and I can certainly send one to Rita or others. However, I'm leaving for a week in less than 24 hours, so I've got too much to do right now to get this sent out before I leave town.


      Beware that the Exomalopsis publication has a few confusing printing errors, most notably towards the tail end of the key to species in Part IV. Since I have Timberlake's personal annotated copy at hand, I can give the corrected couplet numbers to those who need them.




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