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FW: [beemonitoring] Question regarding Osmia cornifrons- more complete answer

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  • Cane, Jim
    Folks- below is the definitive answer from Molly Rightmyer who is working with Osmia taxonomy. jim From: Molly Rightmyer [mailto:molly_rightmyer@yahoo.com]
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 20, 2011
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      Folks- below is the definitive answer from Molly Rightmyer who is working with Osmia taxonomy.  jim

      From: Molly Rightmyer [mailto:molly_rightmyer@...]
      Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 11:08 AM
      To: Cane, Jim
      Subject: Re: [beemonitoring] Question regarding Osmia cornifrons


      Hi Jim,


      Yes, this looks right to me.  Here is the taxonomic history of the species, as far as I've been able to trace it:


      Chalicodoma cornifrons Radoszkowski 1887: 430 [Syntype females]

      Megachile cornifrons (Radoszkowski); Dalla Torre 1896: 427.

      Osmia cornifrons (Radoszkowski); Cockerell 1922: 664.

      Osmia (Ceratosmia) cornifrons (Radoszkowski); Gussakovskij 1932: 61.

      Osmia (Osmia) cornifrons (Radoszkowski); Yasumatsu and Hirashima 1950: 7; Rust 1974: 11–17, Figs. 8, 11, Tables 1, 2 [details of introduction into Utah; redescription of male and female; description of egg, cocoon; biology (nest architecture, life history, parasite); illustration of male S6–S8, genitalia]; Maeta 1978 [biology, floral records].

      Osmia cornfrons (Radoszkowski); Maeta 1978: 16 [lapsus calami].


      all the best,



      From: "Cane, Jim" <Jim.Cane@...>
      To: Molly Rightmyer <molly_rightmyer@...>
      Sent: Thursday, October 20, 2011 8:18 AM
      Subject: FW: [beemonitoring] Question regarding Osmia cornifrons

      Molly- I am not finding an answer to this posted question below (since, unlike botanists, we don’t provide names of subsequent reclassifiers with the binomial). Tried Discover Life, but same issue.  All my Japanese reprints that are in English don’t give any taxonomic background.  Citation in one paper led to this paper:

      Yasumatsu K. & Y. Hirashima, 1950. Revision of the genus Osmia of Japan and Korea

      (Hymenoptera: Megachilidae). Mushi, 21: 1-18, 3 pls.


      Which gives Cockerell (1922) credit for placement in Osmia.  Any insights?


      Osmiatically yerz





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      Subject: [beemonitoring] Question regarding Osmia cornifrons



      Can anyone tell me when Chalicodoma cornifrons was changed to Osmia
      cornifrons and perhaps point me to a specific publication?


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