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Announcing a new pollinator bibliography resource

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  • David Inouye
    In celebration of this year s Pollinator Week, 20-26 June (http://www.pollinator.org/pollinator_week_2011.htm), I m pleased to announce the availability of a
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 21, 2011
      In celebration of this year's Pollinator Week, 20-26 June
      (http://www.pollinator.org/pollinator_week_2011.htm), I'm pleased to
      announce the availability of a bibliographic database
      containing >10,000 references about pollination biology. This
      project by the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII),
      a program administered by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), puts on
      the Web an EndNote database I've been collecting for a few decades,
      as described at
      The link to the database is www.nbii.gov/inouye. The Web site works
      with Firefox and Safari browsers at present.

      If you have references that are not included in the database, or
      other suggestions about how to improve the portal, please send them
      to me. The database will be updated regularly as new literature appears.

      Happy Pollinator Week.


      Dr. David W. Inouye, Professor
      Dept. of Biology
      University of Maryland
      College Park, MD 20742-4415

      Rocky Mtn. Biological Laboratory
      PO Box 519
      Crested Butte, CO 81224


      On leave 2010-11 working as a Program Officer in Population and
      Community Ecology (Division of Environmental Biology), National
      Science Foundation.
    • Jonathan Koch
      Dear colleagues, Jamie Strange and I are compiling *in situ* pictures of western North American bumble bees to be incorporated into a field guide. If you have
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 30, 2011

        Dear colleagues,

        Jamie Strange and I are compiling in situ pictures of western North American bumble bees to be incorporated into a field guide. If you have pictures that you are interested in sharing for this field guide please send me an email at jonathan.koch@.... Your photograph(s) will be credited to your name in the field guide. I would be most thankful for any bumble bee pictures you are willing to share with us.

        While I have several photographs already of in situ bumble bees, here are the species I am looking for:

        Bombus appositus

        Bombus balteatus

        Bombus bifarius

        Bombus californicus

        Bombus caliginosus

        Bombus centralis

        Bombus crotchii

        Bombus fernaldae

        Bombus fervidus

        Bombus flavifrons

        Bombus franklini

        Bombus frigidus

        Bombus griseocolis

        Bombus huntii

        Bombus insularis

        Bombus melanopygus

        Bombus mixtus

        Bombus morrisoni

        Bombus nevadensis

        Bombus occidentalis

        Bombus pensylvanicus subsp. sonorus

        Bombus rufocinctus

        Bombus sitkensis

        Bombus suckleyi

        Bombus sylvicola

        Bombus ternarius

        Bombus terricola

        Bombus vagans

        Bombus vandykei

        Bombus vosnesenskii 

        Thank you in advance!


        Jonathan B. Koch


        Jonathan B. Koch
        Department of Biology
        Utah State University
        5305 Old Main Hill
        Logan UT, 84321-5305
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