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Re: [beemonitoring] Call for observations of Relationship Between Height of Bowl and Captures for this Summer

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  • Nicholas Stewart
    I hope/will be publishing findings from my study s 2010 season soon on this very topic, among a number of other as well (Vane v. Pan v. Malaise v. Sweep v.
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      I hope/will be publishing findings from my study's 2010 season soon on this very topic, among a number of other as well (Vane v. Pan v. Malaise v. Sweep v. Floral-Observ., all temporally/seasonally/regionally/locally/etc.!

      Likewise, 2011's data-set is coming together quite nicely already (as I'm through the apple bloom - thank god, exhausting - & what a VERY, VERY unique bloom it was this year, earliest in nearly 3 decades in N. GA, w/ some intriguing preliminary results), and again any/all significant differences between my Elev. vs. Level Pan-sets will be investigated - Though additionally, 2011's updated protocols are evaluating said differences between Elev. & Level Floral Pan-sets (Floral vs. Trad. will be analyzed, as would be expected), as well as Canopy vs. Ground Malaise trapping variation.

      In case there were questions, the elevation utilized for the devices is that of the average bottom-1/6th of N. GA Apple Tree's branches w/ blossoms during bloom - while the Canopy-Malaise (per intended target taxa) is situated above the average top-1/6th, aiming to nab more of the commonly-missed high-flying Apid & Megachilid 'buzz' pollinators (we'll see if I ultimately use them again next year in a similar manner)!

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      On Mon, May 2, 2011 at 9:33 PM, Sam Droege <sdroege@...> wrote:


      In the never ending search for meaning in why bees end up in bowl / cup / vane / pan and other colored traps I think it worth revisiting the ideas of the impact of the relationship between the height of the opening of the bowl off of the ground, that height's relationship to the surrounding vegetation, they type of surrounding vegetation, and the number and composition of the bees captured.  As with bowl color, I have an impression that while there are patterns to these relationships it may be very situational and there may be relatively few absolutes.  

      So, I am not asking for any results or impressions at this moment, but am encouraging people to keep track of their observations this summer and perhaps incorporate some small tests into their field studies.

      I am including canopy traps in this category....something that you rarely hear about.

      Thanks...talk to you this Fall.


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