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Re: [beemonitoring] Propylene glycol and cats

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  • Sam Droege
    We had no evidence of any animal drinking the material from around the country. Additionally, I had a whole series of traps in my yard with a dog and cat that
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      We had no evidence of any animal drinking the material from around the country.  Additionally, I had a whole series of traps in my yard with a dog and cat that both eat all sorts of disgusting things and they completely ignored the traps which were right at convenient drinking height.

      PG is used commonly by vets for lubricating pills for dogs and reaching inside of large animals....(but apparently not reaching inside of cats).  Vet supply houses are good places to buy gallon stocks of pure PG.


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      Subject:Re: [beemonitoring] Propylene glycol and cats
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      I don't know that anyone has collected data on the effect of propylene glycol on wild felines, but it would certainly not be surprising if they showed sensitivity similar to that seen in domestic cats, so that may be a reasonable concern in some areas.

      Sam or others who've been trapping with propylene glycol for a while: do you see much evidence of ANY mammals drinking it?  One advantage over ethylene glycol is supposed to be the lack of a sweet taste possibly making it less appealing (of course, domestic cats supposedly can't taste "sweet" anyhow). I think the main reason there has been research on the impact of propylene glycol on cats is with respect to its use as a food additive.

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      Leo and others,

      Bobcats and other wild felines could be affected. Does anyone have any
      information on that?



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      Re: [beemonitoring] Propylene
      glycol and cats

      Yes, this is good for people to be aware of. But I'm guessing cats are
      less inclined to drink the stuff than are many other animals (I'm sure
      someone will correct me if I'm mistaken!).

      Of course, cats should not be wandering around outdoors anyhow:


      Leo Shapiro

      On Apr 6, 2011, at 3:51 PM, Stoner, Kimberly wrote:

      In relation to propylene glycol and cats:

      Apparently cats do have unique sensitivity to propylene glycol, which
      is not true of humans, dogs, or cattle.

      See this publication by the American Chemistry Council, not a group
      of “chemophobes” by any stretch of the imagination:


      and this article on “Heinz body formation in cats” from a veterinary


      “Propylene glycol (PG) is a common cause of HzB in cats. PG is a
      polyhydric alcohol used commonly as a solvent and preservative in
      pharmaceuticals, and as an inexpensive carbohydrate source in
      semi-moist foods for animals.3”

      3. Christopher MM, White JG, Eaton JW. Erythrocyte pathology and
      mechanisms of Heinz body-mediated hemolysis in cats. Vet Pathol.
      27:299-310. 1990.

      It would be wise to put the propylene glycol traps in locations where
      cats would not have access to them (inside fences, perhaps?) I’ll
      think about that for the traps I intend to be putting out next week!

      Kim Stoner

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