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Fwd: Home Cooking for Hummingbirds

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  • Peter Bernhardt
    Dear Colleagues: Ah yes, attracting the right (prettiest) pollinator to your garden is now a big time advertisement in nursery catalogues. This catalogue
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 8, 2011
      Dear Colleagues:

      Ah yes, attracting the "right (prettiest) pollinator" to your garden is now a big time advertisement in nursery catalogues.  This catalogue (e-version or paper) regularly features photos of hummingbirds at their flowers.  This is the first time they've contacted their customers with a hummingbird theme.


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      Subject: Home Cooking for Hummingbirds
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      Hummingbird favorites!

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      High Country Gardens
      Invite hummingbirds to your outdoor spaces with these nectar rich Salvias and Agastaches
      Gardening to attract hummingbirds is easy to do. By providing water, shelter and an assortment of colorful flowering plants, you will be rewarded with the company of these delightful gems. You will also help insure their future by replacing food plants and habitat lost to human activities like agriculture and urbanization. Read More

      If you know what flowers hummingbirds are looking for, you're almost assured regular visits. Here are some tips:

      1. Plant hummingbird plants throughout your landscape. Spread them out.

      2. Plant in clusters -- red is a sure bet for attracting hummingbirds. Odd numbers rule!

      3. Deadhead for more blooms to keep the flowers coming. Hummingbirds love the natural nectar.

      4. DO NOT USE PESTICIDES around hummingbird plants. Killing garden pests will also eliminate the small insects hummingbirds rely upon for protein. In addition, hummers might directly ingest pesticides sprayed onto flowers, which could sicken or kill the birds.
      Learn more in our Garden Library
      Salvia Blue Flame up to 15% off Salvia Maraschino Agastache Ava
      Salvia Blue Flame Agastache Desert Sunrise
      David's Helpful Hint - Keeping Agastache Colorful
      When growing a lot of different Agastache varieties together in the same area, they will often reseed themselves. Usually these volunteer seedlings will be inferior to the parent plants and I recommend that they be weeded out on a regular basis to avoid crowding the original plants. Regular dead-heading (removing spent blooms) will also reduce reseeding.
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