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RE: [beemonitoring] Hesperapis oraris field ID tips?

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  • david almquist
    Thanks to both of you for the tips. I suspect from what you ve said that I ll be able to examine some up close and then get a sortof gestalt eye for it. To:
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 7, 2010
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      Thanks to both of you for the tips.  I suspect from what you've said that I'll be able to examine some up close and then get a sortof gestalt eye for it.

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      Subject: Re: [beemonitoring] Hesperapis oraris field ID tips?
      From: sdroege@...
      Date: Thu, 7 Oct 2010 13:55:13 -0400


      The very flat abdomen should be a great field mark...at least in the net.

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      floats toward the horizon

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      and is gone--
      and how it slides again

      out of the blackness,
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      that fills you,
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      as it warms you

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      or have you too
      turned from this world--

      or have you too
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      From:"bugalmquist" <daidunno@...>
      Date:10/07/2010 12:17 PM
      Subject:[beemonitoring] Hesperapis oraris field ID tips?
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        I'm sure that I can ID it under a scope, but the one picture of it that I've seen made me wonder how to tell it apart from superficially similar spp in the field and it will not be feasible to just collect every bee that comes to its host flower and sort them out later. Part of the reason that I'd like to find some sort of good field characters is that I would like to try to get some non-entomologists looking for this sp. Thanks.


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