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flower color query, pollination syndromes

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  • Leo Shapiro
    Check out the work of Lars Chittka, if you are not already familiar with it:http://www.biology.qmul.ac.uk/research/staff/chittka/chittkalab/index.html has many
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 8, 2007
      Check out the work of Lars Chittka, if you are not already familiar with it: http://www.biology.qmul.ac.uk/research/staff/chittka/chittkalab/index.html has many of his publications available as PDFs.

      Lars has done a remarkable amount of excellent work on the complex question of how bees perceive colors and flowers, pollination syndromes, etc. I would definitely e-mail him with any questions re. measuring flower color--there are plenty of conceptual pitfalls to avoid!

      An important paper on pollination syndromes is:
      Waser , N.M. , Chittka, L., Price, M.V., Williams, N., and Ollerton, J. (1996) Generalization in pollination systems, and why it matters. Ecology, 77: 1043-1060.

      One paper that may be of broad interest to this group puts to rest the idea that bees cannot see red (also clarifying the different possible meanings of this vaguely stated dogma)
      Chittka, L. & Waser , N.M. (1997) Why red flowers are not invisible for bees. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences, 45: 169-183 (with commentary in TREE)

      Leo Shapiro
      Hello All!
                   I am working on pollination syndromes. I want to measure flower colors. Is there any colour measuring instrument or any clour measuring chart in your knowledge?
      Asif Sajjad
      B.Z University, Pakistan


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