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John Free's great crop pollination book now on-line

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  • Cane, Jim
    Folks- The masterful book Insect Pollination of Crops has been scanned and is on-line, searchable by crop, for all to use. However, you might not locate it
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      Folks- The masterful book "Insect Pollination of Crops" has been
      scanned and is on-line, searchable by crop, for all to use.  However, you might not
      locate it without the following guidance from Barbara Herren.  For those
      of you not familiar with the book, you will be amazed by the depth and
      detail of coverage for even the most obscure crops.

      It's at:

      Once on this site, go to "Pollination Information Management System" link in the upper right.
      From there, go to the second question,

      # What is the current understanding of managing the pollination of a
      particular crop?

      You can then select a chapter, or enter a crop (common and scientific
      names) in the search box to find a specific chapter.

      We realise that there were some transcription errors in the conversion
      over to a digital format, so my assistant, Dolores Boland, is reading the
      entire book and making corrections to the pdfs, but this will take time to
      complete. In the meantime, it is quite useable, even as is.


      Herren, Barbara (AGPM) [



      James H. Cane

      USDA-ARS Bee Biology and Systematics Lab

      Utah State University, Logan, UT 84322 USA

      tel: 435-797-3879   FAX: 435-797-0461

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      Gardening for Native Bees: http://extension.usu.edu/files/publications/factsheet/plants-pollinators09.pdf


      "The obscure takes time to see,

      but the obvious takes longer"
      Edward R. Murrow


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