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July 30-August 2 Acadia National Park Hymenoptera BioBlitz

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  • Sam Droege
    All: I will be up at Acadia helping with the BioBlitz and want to encourage you to come and here is why. 1. What an opportunity to learn first hand about all
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      I will be up at Acadia helping with the BioBlitz and want to encourage you to come and here is why.  

      1.  What an opportunity to learn first hand about all the facets of Hymenoptera that you have only read about in books and on listservs like this.
      2.  We will have all sorts of scopes, nets, traps, lights, gizmos, and processing tools so if you are new to the field, here is a way to ramp up your projects by working with us and stealing our ideas, we are friendly and will be glad to show you how.
      3.  As an entomologist you rarely get an opportunity to support your National Parks....here is your chance.
      4.  You will never again have such a cheap and fun vacation on the Maine Coast in your life.

      sam droege

      Announcement is below and a there is a link to their web site and the registration forms.

      2010 BioBlitz - Hymenoptera

      The National Park Service, US Geological Survey, Maine Forest Service, Maine Entomological Society, University of Maine, and Acadia Partners for Science and Learning are pleased to sponsor the 8th annual bioblitz at Acadia National Park on July 30, 31, August 1 and 2. This year, we will be targeting one of the largest orders of insects - sawflies, wasps, bees, and ants.  The event is open to professional entomologists, amateur naturalists, and other interested persons.

      As in the past, the event will be based at the park’s Schoodic Education and Research Center and collecting will be focused in the Schoodic section of the park.  Lodging at the Schoodic Education and Research Center will be provided to participants at no charge; however space is limited, and will is available on a first-registered, first-served basis.  Participants will only need to pay a small registration fee and food costs - meals will be provided by Acadia Partners for Science and Learning.

      The event will begin with dinner on Friday evening followed by presentations about ongoing research or emerging issues of interest to the entomological community. Saturday morning will feature a workshop on collecting and identifying the Hymenoptera. The official bioBlitz will commence around noon and continue 24 hours till noon on Sunday. The remainder of Sunday and Monday morning will be focused with sorting, pinning, and identifying collected specimens.

      Lead taxonomists for the event will be Sam Droege from the US Geological Survey and Eleanor Groden and Frank Drummond from the University of Maine.

      To register for the blitz, please complete the attached form. The final date for registration is June 18, 2010. Return registration forms to: June Devisfruto, Acadia National Park,Schoodic Education and Research Center, P.O Box 570, Winter Harbor, ME 04693

      Information and the registration form are also posted at the park’s web site: http://www.nps.gov/acad/naturescience/bioblitz.htm

      For more information, please contact David Manski at Acadia National Park (david_manski@... or 207/288-8720).

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