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Re: Fwd: RE: orchids from green house in KIB One thing this brings to my mind--having just come back from a month in Afghanistan--is that one of the really most daunting challenges that humanity
Dana Visalli
6:33 PM
Re: [beemonitoring] Fwd: Mimicry [1 Attachment] [To your P.S. ] “Da” - or you may read it as “duh!” Sent from Windows Mail From: Peter Bernhardt Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎April‎ ‎17‎, ‎2014
5:59 PM
Fwd: Mimicry And here's another good review on orchid pollination biology we should all read, regardless of Russian/Crimean history. Peter P.S. Didn't Kruschev (spelling?)
Peter Bernhardt
4:52 PM
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    Liars and Cheats as in magazine.pdf
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Re: Fwd: RE: orchids from green house in KIB Dear Logan: Yes, indeed. All readers in our circle need to lighten up. Mind you, we may not be able to expect too much from our Canadian members (of course,
Peter Bernhardt
4:44 PM
Re: Fwd: RE: orchids from green house in KIB Gosh, I hope this does not stop anyone from posting comments here, I personally enjoy all the posts, scientific, nonscientific, humorous, political,
Logan Williams
4:34 PM
Re: Fwd: RE: orchids from green house in KIB Dear Rodrigo: And since when has this been a forum based exclusively on science? During my brief time with this group I've been the victim of one practical
Peter Bernhardt
4:02 PM
Re: Fwd: RE: orchids from green house in KIB [1 Attachment] Hi Peter, Usually, I read the relevant insights that many professionals share in here. In particular, I enjoy reading your comments about bee ecology. However,
Rodrigo León Cordero
8:40 AM
Fwd: RE: orchids from green house in KIB With all the news about the Crimea recently I thought some people would be interested in the attached paper. If an orchid can fool beetles do you think it
Peter Bernhardt
8:01 AM
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    Pollination biology of Luisia curtisii (Orchidaceae).pdf
Re: [beemonitoring] Outreach - Conveying the 'diversity' of bee dive What a buzz that would create... Sent from Windows Mail From: kimberly huntzinger Sent: ‎Thursday‎, ‎April‎ ‎17‎, ‎2014 ‎6‎:‎03‎ ‎AM
7:05 AM
Re: Outreach - Conveying the 'diversity' of bee diversity I look forward to the day when Sam's photos are used for criminal activities. It would be exciting! To: dyanega@... CC: kyle.martins@...;
kimberly huntzinger
6:03 AM
Re: Outreach - Conveying the 'diversity' of bee diversity Note that all our pictures can be downloaded for free at: https://www.flickr.com/photos/usgsbiml/ And used by anyone, for any purpose, at anytime, even for
Droege, Sam
5:55 AM
Re: Outreach - Conveying the 'diversity' of bee diversity Doug, What a great suggestion to get the point across and to display SamÆs awesome images. This should keep the audience spellbound, hopefully following the
Dennis E Johnson
Apr 16
Re: Outreach - Conveying the 'diversity' of bee diversity ... I have a suggestion: if this is a presentation, in person, then have two projected images. On one screen, you give your actual talk. On the other, you run
Doug Yanega
Apr 16
Outreach - Conveying the 'diversity' of bee diversity Hi Everyone, I'm presenting to the municipal planners of Quebec next week on the importance of bee diversity for crop pollination (apples, blueberries,
Kyle Martins, Mr
Apr 16
Determining area of insect Hello, I am currently working on my undergraduate thesis at Willamette University. I am examining pollinator effectiveness in two sympatric species of
Apr 15
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Marketing Plants for Pollinators You may want to view the following link. See how some nursery companies have jumped on the save the pollinators band wagon. This one is pushing plants for
Peter Bernhardt
Apr 9
FW: CATCH THE BUZZ - Huge Bee Kill In Almonds Hi beemonitoring group, Big honey bee kill in almonds, which will probably affect the supply of honey bee hives for pollinating other crops. Kim From: Kim
Stoner, Kimberly
Apr 3
FW: Acra, New York Pollinator Conservation Short Course Hi Bee monitoring group, Tracy Zarrillo and I will be guest speakers in the Pollinator Conservation Short Course in Acra, which is in the Hudson Valley near
Stoner, Kimberly
Mar 31
Re: Options for getting video of bees on flowers Hi again, bee folks, One update. A few people emailed me recommending Ipod nanos as a cheaper alternative to the Ipod Touch. I gather that only the 5th
Stoner, Kimberly
Mar 26
Fwd: Fwd: FW: [Orchidgroupact] Yesterday on BM So you think the pollinators you study are tiny (see below)? The orchid photographed below is a midge orchid from eastern Australia and used to be placed in
    Peter Bernhardt
    Mar 25
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    Scent of blue orchids Dear Colleagues: A couple of years ago we sent you a paper we wrote on the pollination of blue sun orchids (Thelymitra species) by bees in Western Australia.
    Peter Bernhardt
    Mar 24
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    Options for getting video of bees on flowers Thanks to everyone who responded to my inquiries about equipment and methods for monitoring bees on flowers with video. During this process, I realized that I
    Stoner, Kimberly
    Mar 21
    USDA RFP with pollinator focus Hi everyone, USDA has a call out for some grant money that includes money for pollinator research. Here's the relevant part (p. 11 of the RFP): "Create new
    Colin Phifer
    Mar 18
    Re: Calling Washington and Oregon Native Bee People Sam and Zorah, I am the research coordinator at Olympic National Park. I'm an entomologist with a great interest in bees and would be happy to help you. We
    Freilich, Jerome
    Mar 15
    Calling Washington and Oregon Native Bee People All: I got the email below from Zorah Oppenheimer who is looking for connections with native bee people in the Pacific Northwest so that she can have greater
    Droege, Sam
    Mar 14
    Link page to videos Dear Laurie and Jennifer: Here are som recently released videos of insects pollinating orchids in Europe. I think this link belongs on the upcoming web page
    Peter Bernhardt
    Mar 14
    Re: Fwd: Native honeybee in Yunnan [3 Attachments] ... That is indeed a male Eucera. -- Doug Yanega Dept. of Entomology Entomology Research Museum Univ. of California, Riverside, CA 92521-0314
    Doug Yanega
    Mar 12
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    Fwd: Native honeybee in Yunnan Dr Ren Zong-Xin is my research colleague at the Botanical Institute in Kunming. He has a particular interest in the pollination biology of traditional
    Peter Bernhardt
    Mar 12
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    Seasonal jobs in research on bee pollination of pumpkins and squash Hi bee group, CT Agricultural Experiment Station is taking applications for three anticipated positions from May to October 2014 studying pollination and bees
    Stoner, Kimberly
    Mar 10
    Fwd: Nature vol 506 pg 364-366 Feb 20, 2014 That big paper on bumblebee and honeybee disease associations has finally been published in the journal, Nature. A copy is attached. Peter
    Peter Bernhardt
    Mar 6
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      Disease associations betweem honeybees and bumblebees as a threat to wild pollinators.pdf
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