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982Rushing our wild bee house to completion

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  • Dave
    Feb 23, 2010
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      I am pushing hard to get our new wild bee house finished this week, as I'm already seeing wild bees here in coastal South Carolina. Maples, charnock, dandelion, henbit and camelia are some of the obvious blossoms already underway, with Japanese magnolia about to break into bloom.

      It's based on two large tree sections drilled (painstakingly), as well as the first of many river cane bundles. I also intend to have at least one large section of clay. Smaller blocks and more cane bundles will help fill it out.

      It will have an informative reading area on the back for the purpose of educating the public. It's already drawing a lot of attention in the community.

      I have some photos and a description of the project so far on my blog, and would appreciate any tips on finishing out the top of it.

      Dave Green