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98Re: [beemonitoring] Recently Introduced Bees - A Potentially Large and Unstud...

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  • frozenbeedoc@cs.com
    May 18, 2007

      Interesting information on the 3 new species around D.C.  We'll keep an eye out for them in PA for you as well.  Dan's got about 10 transect samples, and I've done 2.  More planned soon.

      I was down in Beltsville last week as planned, but spent all my time on honey bees.  I'll be down again this next week, but will probably use all the time to do inseminations of queens. 

      What's you schedule for the week of June 11?  I'me speaking at a beekeepers group in HOward County Tuesday evening and hhave a days work of stuff at the lab.  I can stop in any time probably Mon - Thurs.  Need to learn how to wash and mount these guys.

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