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972Re: [beemonitoring] Western Dialictus Key?

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  • Doug Yanega
    Feb 11, 2010
      Keith Gaddis wrote:

      >Does anyone know if there are any available keys for Dialictus in
      >the western U.S. (Specifically Southern California)?

      Not yet. Sam might have a comment, though, about his plans to create
      one. A major part of the problem is the dozens of undescribed taxa in
      SoCal; we have several drawers of P.H. Timberlake's unpublished new
      Dialictus species (he frequently went ahead and named new taxa well
      in advance of publishing, and sometimes never got around to that
      rather essential last step - nearly every major bee collection in the
      US contains specimens with "Timberlake MS" names in them). There may
      well be descriptions and diagnoses and even keys buried amidst
      Timberlake's hand-written notes (which we still have), but that would
      involve weeks of detective work, and still potentially come up
      empty-handed. I've never heard whether equivalent personal notes
      belonging to George Eickwort were left behind at Cornell when George
      passed away; George had been working for around 30 years on a
      revision of Dialictus, so it's not impossible that he'd made some
      potentially valuable notes on western species.


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