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97Re: Recently Introduced Bees

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  • Matthias Buck
    May 18, 2007
      Hi Sam and others,

      Thanks for the interesting postings on three species of introduced bees.
      I should watch out for them here in Ontario because many of the species
      that become established in your country make it up here pretty quickly
      (but we have not always done a very good job noticing them early!). Good
      examples are Megachile sclupturalis, Hoplitis anthocopoides, Chelostoma
      rapunculi, Ch. campanularum to name just a few.

      Unfortunately, my expertise is mostly in aculeate wasps. Could you post
      some brief diagnoses that will distinguish these species from others?

      I assume climatically all three should be able to become established
      here. Based on the distribution map referred to this would certainly be
      the case for the Anthophora.

      Best regards,


      Dr. Matthias Buck, Curator
      Insect Collection
      Dept. of Environmental Biology
      University of Guelph
      Guelph, Ontario
      Canada, N1G 2W1
      E-mail: mbuck@...
      Phone: (519) 824-4120 ext.: 52582
      Fax: (519) 837-0442
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