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930Re: [beemonitoring] Bee-shaped and fluffy character

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  • hennetjie
    Jan 19, 2010
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      To the list members who replied to my first query. This is what I have found out to date: 
      It was confirmed [P MacKenzie] that the plant is indeed a member of the Lamiaceae Family, genus Plectranthus, species neochillus - an  indigenous plant commonly referred to as "Stinkbossie" (=stink/smelly bush) or "Spur flower", known to attract Carpenter bees due to their propensity for the colour blue.
      And according to Dr C Eardley: "Yes you do get large black carpenter bees in the Cape, one 2-3 cm long, another 1.0-1.5 cm long. They are the same genus but different subgenera to the American big, black carpenter bee. There is also one with yellow stripes, and from George eastward an orange one. Yes it has a long proboscis but I'm not sure how long."
      I forgot to ask if they are hairy... tcht.
      Most obliged.
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