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861You Tube Video on how to net collect bees and wasps

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  • Sam Droege
    Dec 1, 2009
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      Its nice to see all the new interest in surveying bees and wasps....really its been a renewed interest as prior to WWII there were quite a few collectors out there.  However, what has been hard to do is to personally train and help everyone interested in starting to collect and identify bees; yet the need is there, as catching, processing, and identifying bees is an acquired skill.  So as part of our continuing effort to train and inform people on various aspects of the bee world, we are going to try to do a series of videos and see if that is helpful.

      So here is our first effort .... a video on how to collect bees and wasps with nets and remove them from the net.   We are complete video novices and used an inexpensive Canon camera to take the video, my wife's digital tape recorder to do the audio, and Windows Movie Maker software to put it together.  While not National Geographic quality, it was fast, easy to do, and seems to do the trick.

      So, take a look, give us some feedback about what should be changed and what other videos you would find useful that we should make.

      We have put this video up on You Tube, but we will likely try to load it on other web sites too as the quality decreased on You Tube after we uploaded it (not that it was so high to begin with) .



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      The universe is forever falling apart --
      No need to push the button,
      It collapses at a finger's touch:
      Why, it barely hangs on the tail of a sparrow's eye.

      The universe is so much eye secretion,
      Hordes leap from the tips
      Of your nostril hairs. Lift your right hand:
      It's in your palm. There's room enough
      On the sparrow's eyelash for the whole.

      A paltry thing, the universe:
      Here is all the strength, here the greatest strength.
      You and the sparrow are one
      And, should he wish, he can crush you.
      The universe trembles before him.

            - Shinkichi Takahashi

      P Bees are not optional.
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