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683Re: [beemonitoring] Insect trap idea - cheap "plexiglass"

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  • Denis_Kearns@ca.blm.gov
    Dec 31, 1969
      Laura -

      Cheap alternatives to plexiglass:

      1. The plastic from a laminator machine. Just run the machine without
      anything to laminate. The resulting clear plastic is fairly stiff,
      however, you will have to attach the panels to wire frames (to make them
      stiff enough to stand upright).

      2. Another source of cheap clear plastic can be found at garage sales -
      all kinds of (generally ugly) framed artwork can be obtained for little
      money - take the plexiglass (or whatever plastic is substituted for glass)
      and recycle the rest. For a more expensive source, visit thrift stores.

      I'm not sure how long the various plastics hold up in the sun, but they
      should be fine for at least one season.

      Good luck with your study - sounds like fun.

      - Denis

      Denis M. Kearns
      Bureau of Land Management
      Bakersfield Field Office
      (661) 391-6115
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