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    May 19, 2009
    Thank you for all of the great tips!  I'm afraid I will have to revise my plan a little bit, however.  The plexiglas sheets turned out to be quite beyond my budget (150$ a sheet!).  My modified version will replace the plexiglas with white bridal tulle as netting and PVC pipes at the four corners.  I think this will turn out to be much more affordable.  Other modifications: (1) the cone can be made out of a flexible vinyl sheet (2) I found a PVC adaptor at Lowe's which will allow me to connect a 3 in diameter PVC (the top of the cone trap) with a 1.5 in PVC (in the bottle of alcohol).  If you're curious, I attached my alternate trap plan.
    Again, thanks for all the help!


    On Mon, May 18, 2009 07:25 PM, Sam Droege <sdroege@...> wrote:

    Hi Laura:

    I like your idea.  I recall a somewhat similar trap that I read about that was deployed in what I think was Denmark, possibly it was the Netherlands.  They used a large yellow pan trap and then used plexiglass baffles similar to yours.  They caught quite a few bees in the trap.  I think a number of us have seen bees flying down and over pan traps without actually going into them.  Additionally, I was talking to some beetle heads this weekend who said they often get good numbers of large bees in their window pane traps (the bees and beetles strike the window and fall into a narrow pan of soapy water or glycol) adding credibility to using something like you will be building.  I would say the most problematic part might be the cone part which looks difficult to fabricate.

    It would be great to make a set of these traps and run them concurrently but vary whether they have wings and cone parts on or off to test to see how many additional capture they generate.  We have been running larger pan traps all this spring and have found that bees easily hold up a week in just plain water.   Salt in the water appears to keep the bacteria and algae populations more in check.  By the end of summer we should have more information and look forward to seeing how your trap evolves.


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    Date: 05/18/2009 05:41 PM
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    [Attachment(s) from LAURA RUSSO included below]

    I hope it is okay to send this out on the list-serve.  I am trying to design an insect trap that mixes the Texas cone, the window, and the pan trap.  I pieced together ideas from different papers and pictures that I saw to come up with this idea.  I am hoping to collect more than just bees, although bees are a critical part of my experiment.  The idea is that insects will fly into the plexiglas and either fly up into the cone trap, or fall down into the pan trap.
    It had to be somewhat cheap, easy to set up and take down, and able to withstand some weather.  I'm a brand new grad student, so I welcome any comments and suggestions that you might have on whether this will actually work!

    Thank you,
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