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681Bernhardt makes Chinese News

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  • Peter Bernhardt
    May 27, 2009

    Dear Friends and Colleagues:

    More photos of my trip to Guang xi Zhuang for the Orchid Conference and field trip to the Yachang Orchid Reserve will follow over the coming weeks.  However, the Chinese Press followed us around and went to sites at Yachang with us.  My Opti-Visors made me very photogenic (I'm trying without success to smell a tiny Dendrobium in bloom).  Those photos of Paphiopedilum in bloom are of a wild population.  They were not planted by the hand of man.  In fact, it was a poor year for this population as an April freeze (the region is sub-tropical, not tropical) killed more than half the buds on the flowering stalks.  Native Cymbidium and Liparis species were also in flower and I saw some species in flower representing genera whose names I can't recall and/or pronounce.    

    To see the entire newspaper article please visit the following site.