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66Seeking bee work

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  • Athena Rayne Anderson
    Feb 14, 2007
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      Greetings bee fans!

      I am anticipating starting a doctoral program to study pollination
      ecology/ bee diversity this fall and have applied to several programs to
      do so. If I am unable to enter a program in the fall I will be looking for
      pollinator work until I am able to start school. Does anyone know of any
      such positions beginning around the middle of August and lasting 3-12
      months? I would be interested in working anywhere full-time for a salary
      of $30,000/yr or above, depending on the cost of living. I have attached
      my CV to give you an idea about my background and experience. Please let
      me know if you have any suggestions, or would like additional information
      about me.

      Many thanks!
      Athena Anderson

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