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654containers to hold cut flowers?

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  • Carla Essenberg
    Apr 29, 2009
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      Dear All,

      I am planning a pollinator behavior study in which, for logistical reasons, I will be using cut flowers rather than potted plants.  I am thinking of putting the stems in florists' foam, but I'm having a little trouble figuring out what to use as containers to put the foam into.  Plant pots would be cheap and of a neutral color, but I'd rather have something without holes in the bottom so that excess water won't be wasted.  Food containers tend to be more expensive and are often white, which I think might be distracting to the pollinators (although at this point some sort of clear food container is looking like my best bet).  I've also considered having the stems in flower vials, but I think they would be a good deal more work to refill because that seems to require taking the lids off and then putting them back on. 

      Have any of you done a study with cut flowers, and if so, what did you use? 

      I'd also welcome any cautions or other suggestions you might have with regards to using cut flowers for a behavior study.



      Carla Essenberg
      PhD Candidate
      Department of Biology
      University of California, Riverside
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