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64Re: [beemonitoring] Blue Vane Traps

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  • Liz Day
    Dec 29, 2006
      >We have had mixed results out where we are in Maryland. I put them out in
      >a variety of situations and found that they do get more bumblebees that
      >pan traps do on average, but don't seem to get them at as high a rate as
      >what Stephen and Rao's groups do in the NW.

      Yes, I wonder about this. I think they were trapping right by fields full
      of flowers (eg red clover) that were very attractive to bumblebees, so
      perhaps there were proportionally more Bombus in that area to begin with
      than in the areas where you were trapping. ?

      >We also found they tend to get higher rates of eucerines also, however,
      >overall they are pulling in only about 2-3 times the individual pan trap
      >and have a great deal more handling time associated with them.

      Unless you include the time to wash each Bombus specimen?? (not sure).

      > It will be interesting to compile everyone's experiences



      Liz Day
      Indianapolis Indiana USA
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